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Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health. You may click on the link to obtain more information about the various massage modalities.  Because I use various modalities and techniques within a session to achieve results, I have structured my rates according to the length of the session and not necessarily per technique.


Quick Fix Massage             $1 per minute

Did you wake up with a stiff back?  Stiff neck?  Slight migraine or shoulder pain during work? This massage is for YOU and those of you who are short on time!  Session is no longer than 30 min.


Swedish Massage                $60/$85/$120  for 60/90/120 min 

Relaxing and Therapeutic style of massage. It combines lotions and/or oils with a
variety of massage strokes such as kneading, rolling, effleurage to help the body
improve its circulation and detoxification.

Deep Tissue Massage          
$60/$85/$120  for 60/90/120 min  

Deep Tissue is a form of massage that is used to relieve tension in the deeper layers of your muscles. It is highly effective in assisting with alleviating chronic pain that can be caused by repetitive motions, misalignment, old injuries. Deep Tissue massage does not have to be painful if the therapist and yourself are in open communication throughout your session.

*Sports Massage                 $60/$85/$120 for 60/90/120 min

Sports Massage is designed for individuals who have physically active lifestyles.
These activities can lead to injuries both short and long term. This massage can
enhance performance quality and assist in speeding up your recovery process.
It is also effective in assisting with injury recovery.

Reflexology                       $30 per 30 minutes

Reflexology of the hands and feet is a type of bodywork that focuses on applying
pressure to specific nerve zones. Its aim is to harmonize your body organs and
systems. Every part of your body is outlined in your hands and your feet. This
has been known to assist in detoxification, allergy relief, headache relief, etc.

Pregnancy Massage         $40/$60 for 30/60 minutes

Pregnancy Massage is designed specifically for pregnant women. Pregnancy
massage assists with dealing with the pain and discomfort of a changing body.
Extra care is taken and in depth discussions are encouraged for details and/or
complications that may experienced during your pregnancy.


Stress Away                    $100  for 90 min

Let this therapeutic massage take you away from the stresses of everyday life.  Enjoy this therapeutic massage that will melt you like butter.  Reflexology to bring your body systems into balance and aromatherapy to enhance your mood and calm your nerves.



*entails various modalities in a single session, i.e  (deep tissue,range of motion, stretching, ART(Active Release Technique),   trigger point,etc)


PAYMENTS ACCEPTED: Cash, Check, Debit/Credit Card( VISA, MC, DISCOVER)


To save time and money, select a Discount Card.  Inquire about the Discount Card during your next session.

Also inquire about my referral program to help you save money on your next regularly priced massage session.

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