Keith Clark , LMT

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Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015



Keith Clark, dba, Revivify

Training and Education: Sterling Health Center in Dallas, TX

            Purdue University West Lafayette, IN (Bachelor of Science)

My style of massage is efficient and  effective. Whether you are seeking relief from the stresses of life, overworked and fatigued muscles or chronic pain, you will leave feeling Renewed, Restored, Recharged.......... REVIVIFIED!

I have, and continually, study under some of the best therapist instructors in the world. As a dance instructor, choreographer and dancer, I am very in tune with athletic individuals and those who place a lot of physical demands on their bodies.  Massage therapy has helped me over many years to maintain a level of physicality, mental clarity and a healthy lifestyle that has allowed me to function at my best each and everyday. Being a recreational athlete and professional dancer, I have witnessed and experienced the negative effects on myself and others who do not allow the body the proper rest and attention that it needs.  The results are always injuries, short and long term, chronic pain and decrease in production and performance.

 I notice the increase of individuals who do not realize the benefits of regular massages, thus they are becoming too dependent on pharmaceuticals to mask the root cause of their issues or walking around wearing their pain like a "badge of honor.". My knowledge of the body, particularly the muscular system is my specialty. If you haven't tried massage therapy or if you are looking for a regular massage therapist, look no further.




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