Keith Clark , LMT


Many people complain that lack of time or prices are the reasons that they do not obtain massages on a regular basis.  Your health should be your #1 priority.  Below I have 3 discount cards available for purchase.  With these cards, you will be saving money as you continue on your path to a healthy lifestyle.  DISCOUNT CARDS are good for 1 year.  You purchase massages in bulk at one time and you have 1 full year to redeem them. They are good for anyone in your household. They are 5 or 7, 60 minute massages for $350 and $525 respectively. Or, I offer 9 90 minute massages for $825. The $825 value can also be used for time,the equivalent of 13.5 massage hours and the appointments can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  The DISCOUNT CARDS can be shared/utilized by anyone in your household. Plus, you have an entire year to utilize your visits.

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RENEW card=  Buy 5 pre paid massage sessions    

Price: $350

  *Price is based on 60 min. customized massage

  * with this card, there is a savings of $25

RESTORE card= Buy 7 prepaid massage sessions      
Price: $525

  *Price is based on 60 min. customized massage

  *with this card, there is a savings of $70 

RECHARGED card= Buy 9 prepaid massage sessions or 13.5 massage hours             
Price: $825

  * Price is based on 90 min. customized massage

  * Equivalent to 13.5 hours of massage individually

  *with this card, there is a savings of  over $150


*cards expire a year to the month of purchase

*please allow 2-7 business days for your card to arrive if you want them mailed to you


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